Winter Major Funding Applications are due February 12, 2021!

This application is intended for proposals seeking $1,000 or less. If seeking more than $1000, please see Major Funding Protocol.

All grant applications and related forms can be submitted to

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Requested amount must be less than or equal to $1000.
  2. Project must advance the Community Volunteer Foundation Mission
  3. Project must be overseen or sponsored by UCSB, a registered non-profit or a government agency.

NOTE:  If your organization has been awarded funds in the past, you must wait three full funding cycles to reapply to the Foundation (Ex: If you were granted funds in the Fall ’14, you are welcome to reapply in Winter ’16).

Applying for a Major Funding grant:

  1. Check the Funding Guidelines and Cycles pages for information on our policies, the current funding cycle and upcoming workshops.
  2. Fill out the Grant Application and Budget Worksheet and submit it to along with the sponsoring organization’s most recent 990 (not needed for UCSB entities or government agencies) and any additional documentation. Please submit all documentation as separate files, do not merge into a single document.
  3. The board will review each application and determine if an interview should be granted. If so, an interview will be held at the convenience of the requesting entity and a few of our board members. The purpose of the interview is to find out more information to see if the proposal fits in our mission statement. The board members conducting the interview will report back to the board and a vote will be taken to determine if funding will be granted.
  4. If granted funding, the requesting entity will make the purchases of the items for which funding was awarded. The Foundation does not operate on a retroactive funding basis, so everything must be purchased after the grant approval from the board.

Implementing a Major Funding grant:

  1. Associated Students will process all grant checks and they will be available a few weeks after grant agreements are returned.
  2. Conduct your project according to the approved application, taking any adjustments from the Board into account.
  3. If over the course of your project you need to reallocate funding from one budget line item to another, fill out and submit a Reallocation Request. If you will not complete your project by your approved end date, fill out and submit an Extension Request.
  4. Complete the Follow Up Report within 30 days of the project completion and return it to Community Volunteer Foundation along with any unspent funds.
  5. Turn in an expenditure report with an itemized budget including the exact costs for each item, as well as the original receipts to the Community Volunteer Foundation.


Grant Application

Budget Worksheet

Reallocation Request

Extension Request

Follow Up Report