Your Children’s Trees At UCSB

“Your Children’s Trees at UCSB (YCT at UCSB) is a student-led organization dedicated to ecosystem restoration and educational outreach with an emphasis on native trees. The ongoing mission of YCT at UCSB is encompassed by their slogan, ‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit’. This means that they plant trees not for us, but for future generations whose environment they aim to improve. YCT at UCSB’s restoration goals are aligned with those of the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER). These goals focus on the preservation of natural areas within urban zones in order to foster local biodiversity among native species. Their educational aspect promotes interactive environmental learning in schools, consisting of STEM presentations where students learn about math and science concepts using trees.”
-Your Children’s Trees at UCSB

Armenian Association

“We seek to promote the awareness of the Armenian culture through knowledge of history, language, customs, and current events by way of student and community interactions. Our goal is to link our student members and encourage our local community to get involved in global affairs, for these affairs influence all of us. As an organization, they feel the need to stress the importance of the connection between the Armenian Diaspora and our homeland, Armenia. More specifically, we feel the need to reach out and aid the people in their homeland who are not equipped with as many resources. Through the Hidden Road Initiative, we were able to provide Internet access and Internet education to the remote village of Aghbradzor located in Armenia.”
-Armenian Association

Art History Graduate Student Association (AHGSA)

“AHGSA works to enhance faculty-student interaction, and the social and intellectual interactions among graduate students. AHGSA is also committed to enhancing the community involvement of UCSB Art History students, both in and out of the graduate program. Particularly, the Art History Outreach Initiative is designed to increase art education in the Santa Barbara area middle schools. It will consist of guest lectures and classroom activities led by Art History graduate students, as well as undergraduate interns from the University Art Museum. The lectures will be integrated into the existing middle school social studies curriculum, with the purpose of teaching California social studies standards through the lens of art history.”
-Art History Graduate Student Association

FeelGood Santa Barbara

“FeelGood SB’s mission is to ‘end world hunger, one grilled cheese at a time’ by running Grilled Cheese Delis on our college campus and surrounding area. Highly profitable, all deli proceeds—100%—are invested in our partner organization, CHOICE Humanitarian, that has a proven track record of sustainably eradicating global hunger. More than a point of sale, FeelGood Delis are also a point of dialogue—a place to engage customers in an exploration of the causes, consequences and solutions to global hunger, from the broader perspective of our interconnected and interdependent world. FeelGood students also take initiatives beyond the Deli, designing and executing events and campaigns to bring the message of ending global hunger to the extended campus community and beyond.”
-FeelGood Santa Barbara

Isla Vista Teen Center

“The Channel Islands YMCA is a charitable association providing programs based
Upon Christian principles to men, women and children of all races, religious beliefs and economic status to develop and enrich the spirit, mind, and body.The Youth and Family Services branch meets the mission of the agency by providing high quality social services to youth and families through its programs: Isla Vista Teen Center (IVTC), My Home, Noah’s Anchorage and Street Outreach Services. The Isla Vista Teen Center enhances the spirit, mind, and body of youth and families by providing a safe, fun, alternative afterschool space where youth have access to recreation, education, tutoring, leadership development and advocacy assistance for parents, and bilingual bicultural adult mentors.”
-IV Teen Center


NatureTrack is a non-profit organization that strives to instill students with the leadership skills, attitudes, and habits for lifelong learning. NatureTrack also inspires students to be respectful stewards of the natural world. NautreTrack accomplishes this by providing outdoor field trips for Central Coast school-aged children at no cost. Additionally, NatureTrack works directly with teachers to ensure that these otudoor field trips supplement in-class learning and state-mandated requirements. NatureTrack Docents share their love and knowledge for nature with students and encourage them to be curious about the world around them. Ultimately, NatureTrack works to foster a lifelong fascination with nature in children.

Fall 2020 grant cycle: $5,000

Pacific Youth Ventures

“Pacific Youth Ventures aims to promote and foster youth innovation and social entrepreneurship.  In order to reach this goal, they spent the first several months of their organization’s existence developing key strategic relationships in the Santa Barbara community.  Our actions have served to increase their influence and visibility in the local business community so as to raise seed funding and establish a network of potential mentors for our future clients.  Pacific Youth Venture strives to enhance the educational experience of youth entrepreneurs as well as UCSB students interested in careers in nonprofit management.”
-Pacific Youth Ventures

Wilderness Youth Project (WYP)

“The mission of Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) is to foster confidence, health, and a life-long love of learning for young people and families through active outdoor experiences and mentoring. Our vision focuses on teaching the next generation of children to be peaceful, respectful and confident stewards of our world. WYP Programs for Summer 2011 provided mentoring through nature connection and educational enrichment. Many of the youth we served during summer will be repeat attendees, fulfilling our objective of long term mentoring.”
-Wilderness Youth Project

Worldhealer Global Awareness Club (GAC)

“The Worldhealer Global Awareness Club (GAC) at UCSB was started in January 2010 by student volunteers. UCSB’s GAC is sponsored by Worldhealer, Inc., a locally based nonprofit. Worldhealer is engaging university students and giving us the ability to help develop a program that is student driven and Worldhealer supervised. The program’s goal is to expose students in local schools to global topics and issues in order to raise awareness about the world, promote philanthropy and self-appreciation. It also aims to foster an understanding of our responsibilities as participants in an increasingly globalized world. Participants of our programs develop the skills and realize their own potential to create new organizations, products, and systems of thought to address both recent and long-standing problems within the global community maintaining compassion and awareness.”
– Worldhealer Global Awareness Club