This page explains what Community Volunteer Foundation (CoVo) will and will not consider in a funding request.

For information about CoVo’s application process, please visit our Major Funding and Minor Funding pages. Contact with any questions.

CoVo is bound by its mission statement and seeks to enhance the educational experience of UCSB students by issuing grants for ongoing service-based programs or projects that foster greater awareness regarding social, educational, economic, and environmental issues. Applicants should demonstrate a strong connection between their project and the CoVo mission statement.

To apply, individuals must be in connection with a UCSB affiliated department, registered nonprofit, or government agency. Unaffiliated individuals cannot apply for funding. CoVo does limit on the amount of funding an applicant to $10,000, as we typically allocate our budget amongst 5-10 projects each quarter.

UCSB Student Internships

Student interns must be currently enrolled in UCSB, and may be paid on an hourly basis or stipend. If a student has already worked on the project while enrolled at UCSB, CoVo will support their work for up to one academic quarter after they graduate. Graduated students that choose to continue working after point this are considered staff and should be listed in the proposed budget as such.

Supplies and Equipment

CoVo accepts funding requests for supplies (items that are consumed during the project, such as lab chemicals, volunteer snacks, or flyers). Equipment (durable items that last beyond the life of the project) needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, though CoVo does not provide funding for general-use equipment such as computers, desks, office supplies, etc. that is not tied to and necessary for a specific project. Applicants should clearly explain why the requested equipment is necessary for the project and describe the equipment’s use after the project is completed.

Student Involvement

CoVo accepts funding request for volunteer service projects or programs that aid UCSB students who are looking to benefit the greater community, and empower a future generation of leaders.

Staff Time and Oversight

CoVo does consider staff time in funding requests. Staff funding requests need to provide a number of hours or percentage of time required to accomplish project objectives. Only staff time that is essential to project success will be considered. While administrative overhead costs may be considered, applicants should detail the types of tasks to be performed using overhead funds and how they connect to the project in question.

Contingency Funding

CoVo will not provide “contingency” funding. If a funded project wishes to reallocate approved funds to another item, the grantee should complete and submit a Budget Reallocation Request to the board for approval.

Event Funding

CoVo does not provide funding for events under Major or Minor grants.

Promotional Materials

CoVo will not fund branded merchandise for promotional purposes (i.e. pens, bags, T-shirts). In rare cases, these items may be funded if they are associated with a particular event.


CoVo’s application review process takes at least one week. A fund cannot be approved for expenses that have already occurred and projects should be completed within one year of receiving the fund. Note that CoVo does not consider funding requests during summer.